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  • Sinus SHA-256
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    2 Years
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    1 TH / s
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    1 TH / s

A mining plan is your agreement with Sinus Cloud Mining to use computing power owned and maintained by Sinus Cloud Mining for cryptocurrency mining and receive daily accruals depending on the operational results and mining plan conditions.

Detailed terms and conditions can be found in the: Terms of service


Who We Are?

Sinus Mining and Sinus Analytics

Sinus Analytics are experts in e-currencies niche. Since 2010, we have been promoting new cryptocurrencies. And in 2020 we learned the innovative cloud mining market.

99% Guaranteed

Uninterrupted system service - equipment has no downtime thanks to good farm technology and timely and competent maintenance.

No Fees

Our company does not take any fee for connecting a contract, no matter the value of contract 100$ or 1000$ and more.


Earned funds under the contract are accrued daily. Withdrawal to the wallet is available at any time.


With the help of our service, you will receive a full detailed report for each day of operation of your power.

Modern cooling

We use modernized cooling technology, that allows us to supply all the accumulated heat energy to the agricultural farm. This approach converts cooling costs into profits.

Frequently asked questions

Why us?

Our company Sinus Analytics exists more than 10 years in cryptocurrency market, we have a great experience in cryptocurrency analytics, we know what currency appears, what goes missing and what exactly is given to «live». Because of our huge knowledge of this field, we opened new company Sinus Cloud Mining that mines cryptocurrency. We rent out not only the production capacity of cryptocurrencies, but also all our knowledge earned over the years.

What is the duration of the contract ?

In opinion of our analytics and finance departments the best contract duration according to it’s value and profitability is 2 years

Where are your mining farms located?

For security reasons, we cannot provide the exact location of our mining farms.

What are the withdrawal methods?

You can get your money to your Bitcoin wallet.

What cryptocurrencies are mined?

We mine a large number of different cryptocurrencies, but their list is not provided, for us a good quality of cryptocurrency is high profitability in mining, as well as conditional stability. Every day we convert the mined cryptocurrency into Bitcoin, as a result of which you can see the earned funds directly in Bitcoins.